Never in my life did I think I would be happy to see traffic in Atlanta.

My 12 day road trippin’ travels have come to an end. I arrived in Decatur around 9:30 last night and was in bed around 10:30 for my 13 hour power sleep! Seriously, I slept for 13 hours straight! Dooney, too!

It was an amazing trip with over 6,000 miles on Cherry Blossom, an average of three tanks of gas per day, over 24 diet cokes, many peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and memories to last my life time. I know when I set out on this adventure many friends and family members thought I had lost my mind. I think sometimes you have to step away from your normal day-to-day to see how fortunate and awesome your life is. I have grown to appreciate things more in the past 12 days than I have in the past 12 years.

I am so proud to be from the United States. We are a vast country with so many amazing parks, cities, and people. A few years ago, I traveled to Spain. A friend and I drove across Spain from east to west coast in about ten hours. I drove ten hours from Atlanta and got to Oklahoma. I see the maps of America. I took geography and history classes throughout school, but until you drive the roads and see the sights you never realize how BIG we are as a country! I also have come to appreciate the South and their kindness. Saying ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’ is not a verbal attack, just a gesture only expressed by a southerner!

I have too many insights and philosophies collected in the last 12 days to bore you with, but my trip was awesome. Just remember to do what you love! Set goals, make list, and just do it! I wanted to drive across the country when I was 18, but am glad I waited until I was old enough to be SAFE and appreciate all the trip had to offer! Here is to looking forward to a new school year and more adventures! As the song “Road Trippin” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers says…”Road trippin’ with my two favorite allies. Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies. It’s time to leave this town. It’s time to steal away. Let’s go get lost. Anywhere in the USA.” Glad I got lost in the USA because “This life is shining more forever in the sun”.

Thanks for following…
Peace and Love… Sarah


Today, I drove through the river state of Missouri! I got a chance to see the beautiful Arch! It was SOOO hot in St. Louis. I don’t think Dooney and I have ever experienced heat so intense! The arch was an architectural wonder. The one panoramic picture, I was just playing with incorporating three different images.





Chill’n with Pete and Lindz in Nashville …peace and love SaE

When you plan a road trip you make lists of things to pack and do before leaving town, but never on those lists do you write “check for natural disaster clean-up that may obstruct traffic”. 

My adventures started calm and quiet as Dooney and I went to Alliance, Nebraska. I could not resist MORE car-art. Local artist in this small town wanted to draw attention to their community, so they replicated the famous Stonehenge with cars. Unfortunately, you could not spray paint the ‘carhenge’, but it was a cool to see car-art and take a break from driving. Also during my drive today, I was captivated by the wind turbines. They are so graceful and elegant as they make energy! I have seen all through the midwest and west coast, but today I captured them on film!

Driving, driving, and more driving…oh I am so grateful to be finished for today. I try to trust my GPS, but sometimes it doesn’t account for closed roads, traffic, or actual flooding. Early June, several Kansas and Missouri communities along the Missouri River were overwhelmed with sever floodings leaving many roads closed. I saw a main street along the state line, water was up to the top of a stop sign. They are still cleaning up roads and homes from the damage. MAJOR interstates are still unavailable for travel. So when I needed to travel from Lincoln, Nebraska to Kansas City, Missouri…I had to travel through like 70 million corn fields and delayed my arrival by two hours. I was stressed and worried having NO clue where I was, drifting in and out of phone service…and then I felt bad because these people have suffered more than being confused in traffic. Any ways sorry to the Kansas and Missouri peeps, and ‘note to self’ always check for traffic in the event of natural disaster clean-up!

Oh and to top the day off….I rock flew up and put a nice crack in my windshield. Its nine inches long on the passenger side…poor Cherry Blossom. She is already so insecure driving around with all those dead bugs on her and now a crack in her window, tear!

Much love…off to St. Louis tomorrow day and then my final adventure in NASH-VEGAS (a town with people and traffic I know and sometimes love…traffic, always love the people).

I drove 1072 miles.

Totally didn’t follow my plan, but it was well worth it!

This morning, I got an oil change for Cherry Blossom. When the attendant asked for basic information, he spelled my name S-a-r-y…I think that is close to scary….one of my 50-somethings and her son call me “Scarickson”…just thought that was funny this morning. Cherry Blossom is an amazing little Honda Element!

My goal was Yosemite National Park, and it was AMAZING! I ate lunch near a waterfall under a bridge. I didn’t find any trolls, but I did let Dooney play in the cool water. It was fun! After eating, I gathers my maps and planned the afternoon. I took a walk through a field in Yosemite Valley,  that lead to a large waterfall…a very famous one with a name, but I am too tired to look it up. And y’all really don’t care about names or what I do…you just want to see the pictures!

After my strolls through Yosemite Valley, I headed to Glacier Point. At the elevation point of 5000 feet there was STILL snow on the ground! It was crazy to see snow in July! There was a dude painting on top of the rock…not to be all that, but I was not impress….opps! It made me nervous to see small children so close to the edge…I had to retreat to the car!


Lastly, I saw the Mariposa Grove. The home of the largest trees in the world..the giant Sequoia. The scale in the pictures doesn’t show the magnitude of these trees! They were HUGE!!!

I was off early this morning with a good pair of tennis shoes, a camera in hand, and a new app on my phone (SF WAY). I was unsure of my transit system extravaganza, but I just stayed focused. When in doubt, I could call a taxi! I purchased a ticket for a round trip on the BART train for $10. A nice little ride through the industrial ports of San Francisco. I took a moment and gathered myself, and purchased my second pass for the day, a Muni pass. A transit pass that allows unlimited bus, cable cars, and train rides…for a cool $14! Well worth the $24 dollars for a day of no driving!

My first stop was the Fisherman’s Wharf. I rode a trolley and enjoyed the fresh air, but it was a little crowded. As my closest friends know, I don’t like people to touch me. I wasn’t able to get a picture of just me due to the elbow to elbow crowd, but I did get a picture of the trolley turning around. Walked my way down to the water, and the piers were larger than life. The boat were massive. I caught some lunch. I had to have sourdough bread. The most fresh bread EVER! With a fabulous fresh crab salad and shoe string fries. I was eating inside this glass enclosure within a restaurant, and as I finish my San Francisco treat a homeless lady tapped on the glass. I tried to not make eye contact, safety first. She then started to yell “bottle, bottle, bottle”. Okay the glass inclosure was like eight feet high and she was a little Asian person. I tried my best to hand her the bottle over the tall glass, but it fell and hit her in the face. At least it was an empty water bottle. I didn’t realize in California, a person can receive five cents for every plastic bottle. A lucrative business for a recycler like myself!

After my delicious lunch and awkward water bottle incident, I was off the Golden Gate Bridge. I hopped on two buses. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day in the bay, so I was unable to see the awesomeness of the bridge. I walked half way across the bridge. The water and rocks were breath-taking. But I feel a little under whelmed due to the weather, just another reason to come back to San Francisco.


After my walks around the park and bridge, I was off the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). The arts district of the city is absolutely beautiful! I came across a little park/garden connecting the theater area and the museums. The waterfalls fell into a pool of water lilies. You could walk behind the waterfall too. After exploring the park, I entered the museum to large black marble walls with flecks of glitter…LOVED IT! The collection was of the Steins family, who are from San Francisco. They were some of the first Americans who became obsessed with Modern art. The art was fabulous, but the museum people were NOT so nice. As usual, I got in trouble for getting ‘too close’ to the art…I don’t touch it! After walking the extensive collection of Matisse and Picasso, I saw some CRAZY art in the modern wing. There was piece of art with hanging water bottles with different shades of blue water. I should tell the homeless lady about that…she could make millions with all her bottles and maybe she could afford to fix her broken nose. They had three different Calder moblies…which I love. They are large abstract shapes balancing in the air. It was a great art museum!


It was a big day. I am sure there were shorter ways to get to my different locations, but I thought I navigated the buses, trollies, and trains to the best of my ability…mainly my iPhone’s abilities. Off to sleep away the miles I put on my tennis shoes. Off to Yosemite tomorrow!!!

Headed out of the Los Angeles area this morning, not before seeing my dear friends Rachel and Bryan in Santa Monica. It was a quick visit, and I benefited from Bryan’s culinary skills with a special pancake breakfast. Delicious! Thanks for the helpful hints for my next city. Y’all seem truly happy with your new home and the expectation of little ‘Blank’ Rose Wynia. I say ‘Blank’ because they have not decided a first name!

There was not much to my day besides driving with the greatest artist every LISA LOEB! All who have traveled with me know she is a staple in my music collection. I arrived in Berkeley, California around 6:3o, walked the town for an hour to scope things out, and now I am doing my laundry. Halfway through my road trip and halfway through my clothes. Oh the hum of a dryer and smell of laundry detergent…love it, just hate folding the stuff!

Since there is not much excitement in my trip today, I thought I would give a special shout out to my supporters. As I started to spread the word of my crazy cross-country aventure, each person I told presented knowledge, gifts, and support to help my trip. Thanks to Lori and Bill, my neighbors, for the trail guide-book, Starbucks gift card, and the dog treats. All of these items have been beneficial to me and Dooney. Thanks to, Teri, for the safety flashlight and the granola treats for the D.O.G. The flashlight was VERY handy in the Grand Canyon. The PiNK light acted as my night-light in my tent for two. To my other 50-somethings, Linda and Kay, for your support with text messages and humor.My GBF’s, Heath, Lee, and Jason for y’alls support and help preparing. Heath drove me around Atlanta scrambling for pepper spray. Jason has calmed my nerves with supportive text, and Lee has been encouraging via email. Thanks to my friends who have kept me company with conversations during my hours of driving. And lastly my mom for always supporting my crazy ideas. I know my situation is not ideal for travel, a girl and her dog, but this is my last summer of freedom. I start graduate school August 6th for an intensive two-year program…the roads have helped clear my mind as I get ready to write the paper of my lifetime!

Thanks everyone…looking forward to a great day in San Francisco tomorrow! Hope to tackle the public transportation system, sight-see, and some good eats! Peace and Love, SaE

  No driving today, yippie! A fantastic day in Long Beach, California!


Many thanks to my high school friend, Siha Collins, for allowing me to crash with my crazy dog! It was a fabulous day with a relaxing walk along the beach and breakfast under a tree. Dooney and I enjoyed the great weather with a side of people watching. It is always fun to make up stories to people! And let’s just say…some people need to check their swim attire!

Meet Siha for a late lunch/early dinner. My brother refers to this as “luper” or “dunch”. After eating some tasty Mexican cuisine, we topped everything off with cupcakes.

After a short napping period, Siha and I wandered down to the pier for drinks and appetizers. The perfect day of relaxation and NO driving. Mentally prepared for my next stage in San Francisco!

Okay where do I begin….at the beginning of my day which technically started at 1AM!!! When I woke up in my tent feeling chilly! The campsite dude said “there will be unusually low temperatures this week for the Canyon”. And that means Sarah woke up to a chilly 38 degrees!!!

Thank goodness for my ability to over-pack and my hot-blooded canine! It was not the best nights rest, but to say I camped at the Grand Canyon…it was worth the pain!

After my battle with the cold, I popped up ate breakfast. My mom’s favorite peanut butter and bananas! And my favorite diet coke, but it was difficult to enjoy…being SOOO cold! I arrived at the Canyon at 6:45AM…beating the UN of tourist was my goal. Goal accomplist, I had the park to myself, almost! I worked my way around the ‘Desert View’ of the south rim. It was amazing. I did a short little hike about a mile saw a cool lizard, but my camera was NOT ready. The views alone were inspiring, and I think I am going to quit teaching and set up a road side business selling affordable canyon paintings!

My adventures in the Canyon were about three hours, and then I set off to Sedona. “A must see’, said TDawg Curlew. My driving skills were tested along Arizona-98A state road. The craziest, twistiest, curviest road my little cherry blossom has EVER been on! Arriving in Sedona, they first thing I saw was an art gallery! Very exciting…I could start comparing competitive artists in the area for my future Canyon painting business *wink*. I meandered through the shops and then took in the all red rocks! Again, pictures can’t put a finger on the real-life human contact of hand to stone! After going around Sedona, I adventured back on 98A!!! Easier going up than down for SURE! Then I was off to California to crash with my high school friend, Siha. I jammed to the Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga, when I needed energy around mile 300. Then as I came into the Los Angeles area, I had to jam to “Californication” by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Finished another day…tired, but excited to see a friendly face and a bed without rocks!

Updating from my phone, so I will post pictures later! Kicked it through two states today…about 600+ miles.

If your favorite colors are not terra-cotta or turquoise…then don’t move to New Mexico because everything is one or both of those colors! In downtown Albuquerque an intersection of bridges was painted terra-cotta and turquoise!!! It was like spaghetti junction in Atlanta with an indian flare. Beautiful drive…I paid tribute to the 50-somethings in my life listening to Carol King, James Taylor, and Peter, Paul, and Mary!!! Once in Arizona, I made a few stops. I explored the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert! Breath taking…picture later, promise!              

My tent is set up right outside of the Grand Canyon…going to check out the canyon at sunset! Awaiting for night fall…super tired! Forgot to add my lunch extravaganza on Day 3! Food Network’s, Guy Fieri, host a show called “Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives”. Salsa Brava was featured on the show back in the day, so I went there for lunch. They had a really cool salsa bar with fresh homemade salsa of varying temperatures. I had chicken fajitas…they were tasty, but they were NOT Casa Grande in the ATL! Sorry, but I like what I like!

And here is the Grand Canyon at sunset! It was absolutely breathtaking, and pictures do NOT do it justice! I loved the scenery. I thought it would not be SO crowded because it was thursday night, but I think the united nations of tourist were all watching the sunset with me!